How should I then write my cover letter?

Here's a question I hear frequently. "I want to work for a company that is not advertising any openings on the Internet or in the newspapers, but I can't figure out how to write my cover letter. Any suggestions?"

You made me to re-write my cover letter. thanks for your help.

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Here’s my back-story: I left this employer, a satellite campus for a private , over a year ago. As a satellite campus and small office, there was no opportunity for advancement unless I wanted to become an academic advisor. I was not interested in the position and had been experiencing job-burnout for the last 2 years I was there (employed for a total of 3 ½). My only other option was to stay in my position until I could find something else with the main campus, however, I could not commit to a 30 minute commute at the time and I did not think my situation would change anytime in the future to allow for this to happen. So, I took a chance and resigned without having another job lined up and spent about 2 1/2 months looking for something more challenging and spent the rest of my time planning my wedding. The job I ended up taking is worse than the one I left as far as advancement opportunities and challenges. I still have friends that work with the college I quit and I left on good terms, but now I am thinking about returning to work for the main campus since I am able to handle the commute now and the college is a great place to work. The main campus has many more job opportunities. Lately, they have posting several positions that are of interest to me, but I draw a blank when I start to write my cover letter.

How Can I Write My Cover Letter

What should I do before I write my cover letter?

Collect information about the employer and the job opening before you start your cover letter. This information will help you write your letter. The information you collect will help you explain how your experiences can help the employer and fulfill the job requirements. To collect information, do the following:

What to write on my cover letter of my cv
I write my cover letter same way

So now I'm trying to decide how to write my cover letter

“The moment I saw the resume and cover letters I knew they were perfect. I have already received a phone call to attend a job interview. Not only did you write my cover letter and my resume, you also pointed out to me some of my personal and professional qualities I didn't even think to mention. I will recommend your service to all my friends and colleagues"

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You are thinking, I need to write my cover letter professionally, specifically and concisely

You made me to re-write my cover letter